Owning up a less than perfect but tremendously awesome productive week!

“Today I escaped from the crush of circumstances, or better put, I threw them out, for the crush wasn’t from outside me but in my own assumptions” –Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 9.13 (  from The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday)

Last week was perhaps my busiest and ironically, my most productive week so far. Right of the bat,  let me clear it out that “busy” is not the same as “productive” and I try to be more of latter. How? Please read my last post.

So basically I’m updating what I’ve achieved (or not achieved) so far on my #lifedoover:


I’m still doing the old school, handwritten, spring bound notebook type of journaling.  I missed two days last week, since I was on the road most of the time. Apart from that, I felt great after finishing each journal entry. Nay, I relish it. I’m beginning to focus on more important things, listing only 3 top tasks each day and actually finish 80% of it. 2 out of 3. Not bad for a beginner. I still have to work on a what not to do list each day in the coming weeks will be on . Just to fine tune my focusing attitude. I wish I can develop a format for evernote, but I’m pretty sure thats just one other distraction for me.


Headspace 10 days trial. Fifteen minutes, 2x each day. I’m still on the 4th day of the app, but I meditated without my smart phone too so it wasn’t counted there. The first 3 was difficult for me but I like the effects on breathing, self awareness and most especially on my sleep. I can now induce my body to sleep with this quickie meditations. I have to get meditation into my psyche now, without my smartphone where the app is, because I’m also consuming less info nowadays.

Low information diet

The more chaotic part of my do over, life redesigning attempt. I got some negative feedback from people, especially on missing out sms, private messenger and emails. I explained though that I’m working on being productive and is avoiding distractions from repeatedly glancing on my phone. I also gave out schedules for people to contact me then tried some auto responders. The autoresponder failed on many occasions. My social media engagement dropped significantly by almost 60%. I’m not sure if that is good but, I also had time bringing offline conversations to real, in flesh friends. 🙂

Book readings

I did consume tons of audiobooks and podcasts, probably because I’m on the road often. I’m almost done with one hardcopy and is simultaneously reading half of a non fiction. Then, crap I bought 4 more new books! Now I really have to cut off some more of my “busy look” time! I’m totally orgasmic each time I finish a book. Couldn’t wait for a next one!


I’m writing this didn’t I? I also am about to publish a vlog, maybe this week after post processing. I still have to finish that book on digital interview and podcasting. I’m quite fascinated how I’m learning so much deconstructing interviews, picking out habits, tips I could use myself for my #doover. It’s pretty amazing , there’s literally so many stuff to learn from people. Oh, glad I listened to Maria Popova‘s (Brainpicking) podcast on How to start a Blog? Because she just said…”Write for yourself


A ton of opportunities exploded last week. The “good problem” still lingers in me and I have yet to get a grip on my bearing. Why I am not yet calling the shot? I don’t know. Maybe I did already. Ah, I did get a feedback I might be overdoing stuff and is just killing myself. Well, maybe thats a good way of killing one self right? Or because I’m in the habit of “overdoing” things thats why opportunities just pops out right off the hood.

Something to work on next week. Diet, exercise and photography. Plus I really have to work on my roaster hack! For coffee!

Now, about that quote in the first part of this post. It simply mean that everything that happened to us, it was mainly our own doing. Owning up our actions, thoughts, decisions and everything else we do. We are the only ones who has access to our mind, our freedom, our will. Not anyone else or some thing outside us. So own up, and do not blame others!

If you guys wanted to meet me in flesh, have some coffee, or a life conversation (yup you’ll be on my vlog) or maybe just shoot landscapes, give me a call. Or comment below. 🙂