Mindful Living’s Quick Tips for Easy, Consistent Meditation

  • The best time to start meditation is now. Start with the basic 10 minute guided meditation (Headspace if you chose to)  It’s free!
  • Be clear about your goals on why you are meditating. Is it for personal, career, relationships, relaxation or any other reason?
  • Do guided meditation in areas full of distractions (too much noise, movements)
  • If you have tinnitus, a low non distractive sound should help negate it. Surprisingly, I can meditate now without sounds even if I have tinnitus.
  • A familiar, silent place for meditation is desirable for starters but is not necessary. I do meditate on the bus or inside my parked car.
  • Comfy but not slouchy chair is recommended.
  • The most comfortable sitting posture for you is recommended. You don’t need complex sitting postures to meditate.
  • Don’t fret when you are distracted, because you will be, often and a lot. The most important thing is, you bring back yourself to meditation as soon as you notice you’ve been distracted.
  • Practice meditation as consistently as possible preferably on a regular time schedule. I do mine consistently in the morning and set alarms for this.
  • Practice “breathing in meditation” for a minute or two in situations you’re really stressed out. Mind you it works wonders!

That’s it! I hope you will start and enjoy the benefits of meditation yourself! Please don’t forget to subscribe to this blog for more on meditation and other mindfulness tools.