How Meditation Help “Win the Day” for Me

I started with Headspace‘s ten minute guided meditation (Take 10)  just a few months back. I’m now on day 20 of a longer, Take 20 minutes guided meditation.  My meditation is far from perfect (none are, according to many veteran meditation practitioners) but I plan on continuing this habit. 

Here’s why: 

  1. Increase in focus to what I value most– family, career, education, finances and advocacies. I could analyze efforts and results calmly and start with actionable steps right away.  Finding balance between too much analysing and decision making paralysis also improved noticeably!
  2. Decluttered my life – together with journaling, I’m scalpel sharp on cutting excesses like unnecessary expenses and mindless going outs.  I also had some success on achieving my low information diet goals like reducing TV time and social media glut. For example, I managed to take off  1,000+ friends on FB without noticeable effects on my social media advocacies.
  3. Malignant Optimism– I’m taking every information as constructive as possible, avoid whining or debating minutiae and would rather find solutions or actionable steps.
  4. Boost in energy level with less caffeine.  Brought my caffeine sensitivity level down (3 cups) but added a kicking hour to my productive day.
  5. Patience– able to stand people, events or happenings on their worst moments longer. I emphatize more than my personality could before. 🙂
  6. Creative thinking and doing. I went back to actively finding solutions myself to challenges I used to outsource before. Read on reports and papers meticulously than before. Renewed interest in fixing things around- appliances, furnitures and hacking ones I needed. I also had more time to read books!

meditation benefits by

Meditation benefits

There’s research showing correlation between meditation and increase in one’s overall productivity. Rigid, scientific validations are often difficult because of the many variables involved in conducting such studies. That does not prohibit you, me, us from reaping benefits of meditation. The funny thing really is I’m more aware of it’s beneficial effects after consistently meditating for as short as 2 weeks.

My routine is so simple I do meditate while inside a bus, inside my parked car or just about anywhere you’re comfortably sited!  So give meditation a shot! Take the simplest meditation to follow and stick to it even just for ten days.

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