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Extend your travel sms, call and mobile internet usage with #TNTExtend!

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As an upstart social media evangelist and voracious smartphone user, I am very particular about my sms, call and data usage. The post paid plan I have is already tweaked based on my lifestyle and efficiently maximised for travelling purposes. Hence, even with the plan I’m currently in,  I still subscribed to add ons and promos to efficiently use my post paid plan and avoid incurring excess charges.

That’s why the TNT Extend, (Talk N Text’s latest promo that allows subscribers nationwide to extend their existing favorite promo subscriptions for only P5 per day) is a gift send to a heavy smartphone user like me. Why?

Well I travel most of the time. These travels usually last 3- 5 days at a time. Calls to friends, contacts and accommodations is also a must for me before I embark for the long road. My calls, sms and mobile internet usage is also heavy while travelling. If i carry an extra power bank for my phone, I also need some sort of promo bank for my subscription plan for all my travels! Thus, subscribing to a sms, call and mobile internet promo is a must for me. With TNT Extend, the promo extension for only 5 pesos per day made mobile usage even more affordable! Now you don’t have to worry about incurring charges because your promo expired!

How? For TNT user currently subscribe to TNT’s promos , you simply have to text EXTEND to 4545 to extend your promo. That simple!


Even #ALDUB is for #TNTExtend! Wait, who?

11995962_945490245522993_1458698310658221765_nAlden and Yaya Dub the duo that’s been the talk of the nation’s social media news, are the new #TNTExtend endorsers.  Well, this pair must be heavy #TNTExtend users too.

As for me, I’m satisfied with a #TNTExtend promo.  It fits squarely on my mobile phone and internet usage during travel. Without digging deep into my pocket for extra charges!

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