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“Angry Bird” on Sunday, Bloody Sunday

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I guess this bird wasn’t happy at all with me. “Dude, it’s sunday and you are spoiling my afternoon siesta on a tree!” Yes, I forgot. It’s sunday and here we are, again. Chasing lights, nature and what have this hill has. Including, a cave entrance last seen 12 years ago. Sunday, bloody sunday!

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ShutterBlog: A travel photo blog workshop with Ms. Jojie Alcantara

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I can’t hide my excitement for this event not only because I’m one of Ms. Jojie’s fan but also because she was instrumental in teaching me the basics of photojournalism. Ms. Jojie Alcantara is an engaging writer who dabbles in the arts- painting, photography to name a few and travels incessantly around the country “to…

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