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An Italian omelette by way of veggie cubes and herb garnishing

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Well, I like omelettes. It’s one of the easiest “recipe” to cook. Also my herbs-basil, tarragon, Italian oregano, chives et. al., needs a little trimming. Viola! I have ingredients. So, I’m making an Italian omelette. This serves 1-2 people and is approximately 200-300 calories per serving. Ingredients: 2 medium sized chicken eggs 75 g (6 oz)…

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The Ten Mint Way to Healthy Living

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I just started growing mint in my backyard.  I was searching for mint’s culinary benefits when I stumbled on this infographic at Organic Facts. I must say though that Mint, the herb, has no proven therapeutic properties. If you have any medical condition or chronic diseases, consult first your doctor before using mint. In any case, if…

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