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The Official Remo Aguilar’s Father’s Day Gift List
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Now, I know what you did on my birthday!
Last June 11, my birthday I asked people to post a good deed on my social media wall instead of the usual birthday greetings.
Personal & Social Media
I know what you did on my birthday (A birthday challenge)
Since I can’t live a thousand years and my talents are severely limited, I will ask for your help. A gift, if you may call it. Instead of posting a greeting on my social media wall (facebook, twitter, Google plus, Pinterest and what have you), IN ONE SENTENCE, POST ONE GOOD THING YOU DID (or planning to do) TODAY, June 11, my birthday. I don’t care if the good or kindness is big or small, or to whoever you did or plan to do it. Heck, it could even be your enemies, so long as you felt you did something good today.