You cannot have peace by starting a war

I mourn the death not just of the these fallen soldiers, but of every human being who died because of this conflict.

I  am for justice, for the truth and upholding of the laws of the land.

I was born in this war torn place.

I grew up seeing 105mm howitzers blow a “no man’s land” into pieces. I’ve seen truckloads of dead bodies brought out of the “kill zone”.

We use to duck under our dinning table for fear that a passing tora tora plane might inadvertently hit our neighbourhood with caliber 50 shells.

I once rode a passenger jeepney that came in between crossfires we had to duck on the vehicles floor because bullets whizzed through our head.

Now I am a healthcare professional, war still here and peace, is but a concept to most of us. I still treat victims of these atrocities, from both sides and civilians caught in between. Sometimes, I’ll be able to save a limb, or someone’s life .  But I have never seen a soul recover from the trauma of war!

Heck, I don’t care anymore about the supposed leader of this nation, or the politicians and their expert ideas about peace in Mindanao. I have no respect for leaders who use their men as pawns and baits in the pursuit of their selfish goals. Moreso, of those leaders who take us as stupid with their new english jargons.  Since when did “self defense” mean killing fellow human beings?

To those who strongly suggest an all out war, please, before you do so, live with us here and you will know what dodging bullets mean with your concepts of “peace’. It is easy to declare war when you are tucked in comfortably in some desk thousand miles away from the kill zone. I dare you all relocate here when the siege begin. Then, lets talk about your concept of peace.

I too mourn for the deaths. I too want justice. But I want peace, not war. Here in Mindanao, we have forgotten what peace meant.Instead, we’re very acquainted with war. So please, If you want to start another war, I’d be happy to exchange places with you.