Why I’m shifting to healthy eating and green living.

I couldn’t exactly remember when and how I became a less pork meat eater. I also have a vague recollection of when did I started a preferential vegetarian diet.

The “why”s are pretty clear.  In my case, these horrifying realities and surprising fun pushed me to go ‘green” , stay fit ,  eat healthy food and grow my own food.

Maybe  these same reasons you should be considering too.

  • I was born into a family where hypertension and diabetes is the norm. We can’t choose our parents , but we can surely change our lifestyle.
  • I was fat and mostly sedentary. Together with the other risk factors above, I have zero chance of living  longer and take care of my love ones. I need a fitness regimen to lessen these risk factors. Or die early.
  • Learning to whip off a “healthy meal” is fun. Yes, really. Good for pictures too! Social media is such a pressure 🙂
  • I wanted to get back to the old ways of “growing our own food”.  I planted veggies before when I was a kid, took care of it diligently because mom told us, our food relied on those.  Nowadays, I just believe we are what we eat. There’s no greater sense of security when you are sure where or how our food is produced.
  • Peer pressure. I don’t want to be called “fatso”.
  • I was already into biking/running/badminton. I needed to balance my sports and exercises with a healthy diet.
  • I’m a fan of experimentation. I have no background in agriculture and cooking. But I’m always up for some challenge especially if it will ultimately benefit me !

These are straightforward (some, trivial too)  reasons why I shifted to a healthy, green living.  The most important thing is to take the plunge today and consistently doing “the change”, everyday. Even if you often fail.

Just do it. Greenify!”. Experiment. Read and enjoy the fruits of your healthy transformation.  transformation.

So, what greens have you eaten today?