Top five things I should have stopped doing last 2014

These are debatable to many others but allow me to rant. I’m sure you can relate.

    • Multitasking.
      Unless it’s house chores you’re doing, the bad news is, multitasking have subpar end results. It drains you too, really fast.  Yes, it might be my age showing but,  hell no! The burnt rice has to stop!
    • Join all.  Lead all
      Amazingly, I’m ponic to the “lead all” sort of a joiner. I often end up doing things myself to get out of a self trap. Joining all spreads focus and drain you time for family and personal relationships. Today, I keep my knack for troubleshooting organisational screw ups on official time, only.
    • Ranting negatively
      You hate ranters don’t you? I do. With all its subtleties and angst, plus the uncool “I’m so rightfully gifted” stance,  it is an awful thing to hear (or read).  I’m not saying ranting is self righteousness verbalized, but yeah, you get that feeling at the end anyway.
    • Procrastinating. Waiting for inspiration.
      Crap!  There are two things you can do to avoid this. Do the things you can do now. Say no to other things you can’t.  Endorse. Let other people who can do it (better) actually do it!
    • Being so positive and nice, I can’t say something negative.                                               I ain’t running for mister congeniality. I’m not exactly the most liked person down here, but when you utter the “negative” (but critically constructive comment) everyone will be shocked! “You’re cruel!” is the next big gossip around you.

Regarding inspiration by the way, it’s not something mystical from who knows-where-it came-from. Didn’t you notice, inspiration only comes after you’ve started working already?


  • Spending for wants instead of “on a need basis only”.
    I heard one financial adviser saying if you don’t have savings equivalent to six times the price of the “want” you are buying, don’t buy it. I’m not sure if that FA is just saying that metaphorically (for not buying a want anymore) but frankly I knew the regret is just terrible.

So there you go. How about you? What are your must not do list in 2015?