This bastard ain’t that loud after all…

My curiosity got piqued when I chanced upon this Filipino ingenuity in one airport.

The idea that a bamboo “trunk” could amplify sound is not a novel idea. We’ve been using bamboo trunks to make loud, thundering sounds during new year celebrations since time immemorial. But to use it as a loudspeaker for newer audio devices is something new. An ingenious one.

Loudbasstard inside its box. Unboxing is so easy

Loudbasstard inside its box. Unboxing is easy

Unboxing loudbasstard is easy. Of course my first reaction that it? No wires? No docks? As if I am not familiar with the hollow bamboo trunk, I’m pretty amazed how the company took steps to brand this kind of product. Finish was sleek, the paint superb. It was an icon for simplicity, of sleek minimalism coupled with graded functionality. For its intended use, I simply found the design to be innovative.

But lumping loudbasstard to the mainstream audio docks for sound quality will frustrate you. I would like to believe it wasn’t intended for such. Instead, it was built mainly to amplify iPhone/iPod’s sound to a respectable audible quality but not booming sound or to power up a party. I found it just about right to bring me to sleep at night when you wanted a soft mellow non ear pounding sound.

I guess I’ll leave my loudbasstard that way. I love it even if is an’t that loud after all.:)