The Planner I got in the middle of the year…

Bordering insanity yes, but I get the stuff when I want it, really bad. I remembered how I ended up wishing for this “planner” a year go after sir Gilbert posted the link to‘s  planner wish list. A wish that supposedly materialized long ago had I pushed through ordering myself. Then the wish got lost in the maze of other more important stuff. Until the middle of this year.
Me and Ligaya wound up meeting chinggay at rob galleria on short  notice just so I can get the one last copy. For almost half the price and on my birthday (Chinggay isn’t aware of it) and in the middle of the year, I got thisI-was-supposed-to-get-that-coffeehouse-planner-but I-got-fat-broke-on-the-10th-frappe” planner 2010. So much thanks to Ligaya who made it all happen for me. I considered it a gift from her, actually. Kahit gitna ng taon..

I have been a sucker for planners ever since, and true to my reputation, this planner is now officially, “used”. There’s this coffee cup mark  on its hard cover (thanks to spilled coffee), a tear on some pages, lots of cross outs and checks, and numbers on back pages. I also have new ‘blank” pages for my blogging thoughts, a diary for the previous five month of unplanned adventures and six more months of “life planning” (whatever that is).  Luckily the makers of this planner made the covers really tough. The planner survived the one time my hiking shoes accidentally “walked” over it.
For the price that I bought and for the short time that I’ll be using it, it’s one though planner I can say.

I hope next year, there will be another planner like this. And I hope I can get one before the year starts!