Don’t you just love the tech start up scene?

What’s an orthopedic surgeon doing in a tech startup camp? Ask me.

I don’t know.

In fact, I found myself the odd man out in the hordes of hopeful youngster ready to change the world for the better. Anyhow, there are things I liked about tech community that draws me into a startup scene.  The craziest bunch of tech people have the fresh-iest ideas in my opinion.  The startup tech community is exactly made of such crazy people:


No matter how naive and crazy their ideas may sound, it is shared. Every person inside this room is crazy enough, bold enough to think they will change how we live our lives. In fact the craziest ideas are usually the one that flourishes under the hood. This environment of open-ness emboldens innovators to go beyond boring repetitions and hack useful ideas. Each seem to be excited to share and listen what others have in mind. Here, openness and sharing leapfrogs an idea from the incubators to the field.

Techies doing all the discussion under the watchful Steve Jobs...

Techies doing all the discussion under the watchful Steve Jobs…


If there’s a word to describe a tech startup community, it is collaboration. This is how brilliant ideas become useful tech. Of how a simple hack makes our boring lives exciting. One guy posted a problem, another piecemeal-ed it into workable algorithm, and another totally tosses an idea out into the open.


If theres one way to measure how an idea could change our world, it is the degree of craziness that idea may sound. Tell a tech guy how crazy he is and he will get back to you with a crazy idea that works. Most of the guys here would love to tell mainstream guys (yup, that’s me), “You are crazy. How were you able to survive your life when you can simplify it with this, hack?” . Note the reversal of perspectives?


Everyone hoots and wow with every idea presented. A candy bar moment every time. The sense of wonder and thirst for knowing is unlimited. “How’d you do that?” or “Let’s do something like..” is such a norm, I ran out of brain cells to store ideas.


“Oh you are working with this idea? I was kind of working too with part of the same idea!” Every person in the room is working with something that touches, connects or ends with an idea that someone else is working. The connectedness is infinite, and serendipity is just a natural consequence.


My last tech moment of ideas was a gazillion years ago when the norm was still tin can radios. Just joking. But I love this tech community. It’s out to change the world. Like or not or call me crazy. 🙂