Put your business on the map with Places for Business

Simply put, my previous post says:

[su_quote]With over one billion monthly active users, Google Maps is undeniably the most popular way to explore places and get directions. A sizeable number of your potential customers are probably using Google Maps to find your business. You should take advantage of that ![/su_quote]

Did my previous post about the new Google Maps for Business made you wonder how can you put your business on the map?.

Well you’re lucky. In this article, I’ll be showing you how to use the Places for Business service to actually put (or polish) your business on Google Maps and help potential customers find you faster and easier!

Let’s run through an example, my business- an orthopedic clinic. ­čÖé

[su_service title=”Bone, Joint and Spine Clinic”]Bone, Joint and Spine Clinic started in 2007 as a hospital based clinic that caters to the orthopedic concerns of patients in and around the Sultan Kudarat area. It is currently house at the Outpatient Department of St. Louis Hospital in Tacurong City. It’s a straight forward outpatient clinic, getting walk in patients and referrals as well as online patient appointments, starting only this year. In it’s current location, there are only two orthopedic clinics within a 40 km radius and it caters to potential patients from as far as 100km radius where transportation is a big challenge. Apart from its website, finding it online is one potential market capturing tool I wanted to explore. Thus I’m trying out Google Places.[/su_service]

Adding my business to Google Maps

The first you need to do is to go  to  Places for Business. Places for Business is a FREE Google service which allows you to add/edit business listings found on Google Maps.

Adding a new business listing in your GP dashboard

Adding a new business listing in your GP dashboard

Next, Google Places will first ask for your office telephone number to check if there is already a listing bearing that same number.

Checking telephone number

Checking telephone number

The third step is actually the more important one. (Composite figures in this slide show)

Fill out the e-mail address, website, description, and category (up to five) accurately as you can. For SEO purposes, fill out the 5 category fields. The more the better.

Make sure you fill out the ┬áhours of operation because this happens to be the most common question the store gets from calling customers. Adding that data to Google Maps means they won’t have to field those types of calls and have more time to focus on people in the store. Fill also in the payment options, upload up to 10 photos, and added a few additional details.

The additional details allow you to provide information specific to your business. It is a series of name/value pairs. You create custom fields like “Parking available”: “Yes” or “X-Ray Machines”: “Available”.

Once all the details were submitted, I selected to have Google verify the information by calling the office phone.


Choose your validation method

It happened almost immediately and the update was verified by typing in a 4-digit code.

Once you entered your 4 digit pin, your done!

Once you entered your 4 digit pin, your done!

The new business listing as I am advise, is being reviewed and shall appear in the next few days.

Google Maps now includes the store website and it even lets you know if the store is currently open. There are 10 photos that can be clicked that take you to the Google+ company page which no longer looks like a blank canvas. It’s alive with great photos!

Base on my previous experience of listing a business, I’ve get to see patients who told me they found my clinic tru Google Maps. So if you own business then you should definitely check your Google Map listing for completeness. It only takes a few minutes to verify the information, fill in anything missing, and upload some great photos. Hopefully that little bit of effort will bring in a few more people which will lead to even more photos of happy customers.