Pros and cons of updating your iphone’s IOS to 5.0.1

I recently updated a jailbroken iphone 4’s 4.3.1 IOS to 5.0.1. Despite the scary comments I got on updating to IOS 5 (especially on jailbroken devices),  I updated a guinea iphone 4 using the bb preserving-red snow method. This method is based on the exploits made by @chronic dev team and @pod2g on IOS 5. The untethered jailbreak is all too irresistible for gadget freaks like me.

My first impressions with the IOS 5.0.1 updated iPhone 4 are good. Here are some (so far):

  1. Battery usage is better, more efficient and with a longer battery life. This iPhone can be used without recharging for as long as 48-72 hours even if I’m connected to WIFI or 3G most of the time. That’s 1-2 days longer battery life when it was still on 4.3.1. I haven’t tried continuous talk time though, but this look promising to me.
  2. Clarity and smoother fonts and pics. The clean rounded borders is pleasing to the eye.
  3. Of course, the use of icloud is an advantage to frequently mobile geek like me. Apps available on my iphone are available to all my other IOS devices, macpro and hackintosh. I can also lock my other devices whenever someone stole it from me. Email and calendars will be endlessly syncing so I’m free of updating it in every device I use.
  4. IOS 5 is more responsive and faster than its predecessor. There’s this “lag” I see every time I open my IOS device, but thats all I’ve noticed so far.
  5. Better Itunes access and syncing.

Updating to IOS 5.0.1 has its own “clear and present” danger of course:

  1. It’s so easy for you to click the button that nags “update your IOS” every time theres an update available for your IOS. As all of you jailbroken iphone owners knew by now, accidentally updating your iphone via itunes also updates its base bands, thus destroying your unlock and making your sim unusable.
  2. Some updated devices have problem connecting with icloud, particularly those jailbroken phones with incompatible basebands. Haven’t encountered this yet but some techie reported this also.
  3. Some apps update on IOS 5 requires another purchase.
  4. Lastly, if your not techie or brave enough to update your jailbroken your iphone, but did so, there’s a big chance you’ll lose your unlock, rendering your iphone’s telco’s connection useless. So give the job to someone really knowledgeable about this. That’s not me of course.

So have you updated your IOS to 5.0? What was your first impression?Are you happy/not happy with it? Please comment below for your answers.