Periscope is not your ordinary subsurface scope on social media

In our regular #HealthXPh chat last saturday, our guest moderator Lawrence Sherman (@meducate) did a pre and post chat Periscope broadcast.  I knew Periscope will soon enter into the picture of our social media healthcare advocacy. I just didn’t know it would be this soon. It was totally awesome!

Credit goes to Lawrence of course. Lawrence, a known global medical education futurist, social media healthcare advocate,  TEDx speaker, skillfully periscoped to quickly get a grasp of his potential audience on #healthxph. He also used peri (short for Periscope)  as a way to “situate” his audience. On the post chat broadcast, he further engaged his audience by expounding his thoughts on the topic discussed and was fluidly answering tweeted questions. Lawrence is visibly having fun doing so. What a way to educate, huh?!

But what is Periscope?

Periscope is a social media app developed by Kayvon Beykpour and Joseph Bernstein. It was bought by Twitter last march. The app  allows twitter users to live-stream video from their mobile phones. Other users just need to follow the tweeted link to this broadcast to view the live-stream. In short, anyone with an internet connected smartphone (with camera) and twitter account, will be able to livestream any video or events he or she records to his twitter followers! Thats like having your own online livestreaming channel!

What’s Periscope for?

I won’t pretend I know periscope, because I don’t. But I was amazed when I first used it a month ago. Healthcare social media savvy colleague Dr. Iris Tan (@endocrine_witch) and medical futurist Bertalan Meskó (@berci) used peri to broadcast their talks on Doctors 2.0 in Paris. I was viewing the livestream in the comforts of my home!  That’s hallelujah for me!

Peri’s potential  is practically limitless. I’ve used almost every available video streaming or video chat services there is today, but none is as easy to use and with so much reach as Peri. One caveat. It’s like twitter of videos. Periscope record broadcasts for later playback. Once you’ve start live streaming, it’s going to be online for how long no one knows yet. The chances of you editing your scope (term for livestreamed videos) is nil once the stream is broadcast to the masses. So don’t get so eager with peri if you’re not up to raw, quick public video releases.

Periscope for education?

Lawrence believe so. While we have yet to get acquainted with Periscope’s use,  its application for education is thought to be a game changer.  I enumerated the reasons why twitter is my personal learning network before. Reinforcing your personal learning network with Periscope should make the learning robust, interesting and fun. I witnessed how Lawrence did it last chat. That just bought me to Periscope for education.

What’s the future for Periscope?

Heck. I don’t know. It’s like facebook all over again, back in days when money making wasn’t the gist of the social media app. Most advocates believe transparency is the next big thing in social media. Periscope is transparency appified.  It certainly has the potential to disrupt traditional communication mediums.  The raucous on Pacquiao-Mayweather fight on Periscope serve as a fitting example.  It probably didn’t make a dent on the pay per view earnings of that fight, but yes we had a preview of things to come on mainstream television.

Again, I’m still learning the ropes for Periscope. Like what Periscope is for my submarine crazed generation, I’d be using it to take a view at potential audiences on the social media surface. If I can use it to loop a feedback or engagement so much better for me.

Let’s see how our next #HealthXPh chat and scope fair on this context. Game?

(Disclosure: The author is neither connected nor supported by Periscope / Twitter )