Facebook Purge Letter

You probably knew by now I’m optimizing my social media activities to what’s necessary.  I failed miserably at purging my friends list on Facebook.  I did several “rounds” of unfriending but ended up adding more friends.

Facebook is making it hard for me so this is my last recourse. Read.


I’m having a hard time using Facebook like a “normal person”. So in the next 2 weeks, I’m doing something drastic.  Please don’t get offended. Even my mom will be affected by this.

When I joined Facebook back then, I thought mixing personal and professional accounts wouldn’t be a problem to me. I was wrong. I’m giving myself as well as my FB friends a lot of nonsense.

Just to highlight:
⊗ *Personal friends and family who aren’t interested in my professional and business interest found themselves bombarded by boring Facebook postings. Most of them are just being polite by not saying and I am so amazed by the ones who tolerated me.
⊗ *Colleagues, associates and business partners get confusing and sometimes offensive rants that are not helping them get productive at work.
⊗ *Personally, I don’t know how a “normal person” would use Facebook nowadays with the thousand plus friends and the confusing, unpredictable newsfeed algorithm of Facebook.
⊗ *I value my time. And so is the attention and time of my friends. I only have control of my Facebook profile so I’d be doing this in the next 2 weeks or so.

So, I will be unfriending EVERYBODY in my Facebook list (yes, my mom included so don’t get offended) and will send you this note:

Hi ________,
I’ve sent everyone on my FB friends list this note.
I will be converting this profile to “public figure” and will generally act as a homebase for my professional work and other business interests – social media, photography, blogging etc, through their own ‘pages”.
I’m not yet keen on getting a Facebook personal account again. When I do, it probably limited to my family, and really personal OFFLINE friends. I suggest you don’t add me there.
I feel this will be the best for everyone -personal or professional “friends” alike

You have three options:

Option 1-
All of my professional, niche and interests have blogs and Facebook pages of their own. If you felt you relate or connected with me via any of these page please feel free be a “fan” of the page of your choice by LIKING IT. That way, you’ll get only updates from me related to those interest. Nothing else! Isn’t that wonderful?
Here are the list of my pages and related content .

1. The Bone, Joint and Spine Online (my orthopedic practice) https://www.facebook.com/bonejointspine/
2. Cast & Curious ( as a medical blogger and healthcare social media enabler) https://www.facebook.com/castandcurious/
3. The Hiker’s Itch ( my travel, hiking blog )
4. Twelve Inches Behind ( My photography site ) https://www.facebook.com/travelshoottell/
5. Tacurong City Online ( Place blog for my Tacurongnon friends) https://www.facebook.com/tacurongcitynet/

Option 2 –
If we really are friends (i.e., you know my corrected NSO name) feel free to friend me again on Facebook – I’ll respond shortly.
I’m not yet thinking of getting a Facebook personal account again. When I do, I’ll find my friends again.

Option 3 –
I’m sure this move will offend a few. Please understand I needed to do this.
Didn’t mean to offend – sorry if I did.
This social media fascinates me. At the same time, I needed to reclaim time by making meaningful connections with friends OFFLINE. So if you feel the same, drop me an sms and we will have coffee some time.

Thanks for understanding.

(Note: This is a modification of a Facebook bankruptcy template by Paul Colligan as shared by Tim Ferris. Credits goes to them.)