My Bucket List of 2011’s Emerging and Influential Blogs

Each year, I come up with a bucket list of emerging and influential blogs. Most of these blogs I “nominated” before went full throttle to become enviably famous. A few others dived to oblivion for reasons unknown to many. This year I’m compiling a bucket list of  “must-watch-out-blogs”, otherwise known as “my blogroll” :)What’s interesting about this list is that some blogs are owned by bloggers who are already maintaining at least one other awesome blog. Here’s my bucket list of emerging and influential blogs for 2011:

  • Teacher’s NotebookThis blog is a class of its own, a rarity actually. Using blogging as a social media for education is frequently heard of but rarely inches its way into practice. This one is doing a comeback for blogging as a “educational” medium.  Beyond the confines of a classroom, as the author would say.  You know what?  This blog is doing pretty well!
  • Pinay Travelogue. I always have a heart for travel blogs, one that’s brandishing good places within reach- both geographically, and without losing an arm for your expenses.
  • Eat’s Terrific. This food appreciation blog is a must read for any gastro-geek. His foodie pictures are as awesomely palatable as the food inside that photo!  I don’t really recommend this for readers with dietary restrictions. It will screw your diet. (Not that I didn’t warn you!)
  • Jinky’s Kitchen World. Well this one is not just another food blog. It is a food blog inside Jinky’s kitchen and garden. The good thing is, the blogger uses mostly what her veggie garden would grow, among others. Nothing fancy really except its temptingly healthy. When food and healthy are both in a blog, so is my attention.
  • Mother Instincts. Parenting? Changing diapers? or birthing pains of a blog? This one tell us all. Like a mom to her children. This motherly instincts of “let-me-try-this-first-before-you-do-kid’ is always palpable in her posts. Moms, of course. What would you expect?
  • 13Witch. I don’t know what that name implied but surely, this blog’s photos is something out of the ordinary. Is it the combination with fashion? With creative ideas? read on and tell me.
  • Kikaymuch.Me: Why is this blog on my bucket list? No I haven’t suddenly thought of being fashionable nowadays. I’m just quite intrigue how one blogger’s passion is transformed into something she write and enjoyed so well. Of course my girlfriend would be very interested in this blog!
  • Bookworm of Gensan Definitely in my bucket list of must read blogs. I’m not really a bookworm but when it comes to book recommendations, I go to this blog.
  • General Joana My new discovery. Very personal yet truly entertaining blogposts! Watch out for this blog!

Now that’s a short list. But if you have (new) blog that tackles photography, technology or travel, comment here and I promise to head over your blog and consider it for inclusion. Before that, please like my Hacked Life facebook fanpage!  Of course you are assured of a blogroll link here in Hacked LIFE if you do !

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