Music to my ears

Sungha Jung, Lady Antebellum, John Legend and yes, on Spotify.  These music stars pushed me to grab an acoustic guitar some twenty forgotten years after music quit on me.

I was born in a family of good musicians and singers. My mom was a terrific singer in a church choir. Together with her siblings, they are a mainstay on every musical event in their church. My cousins are also terrific at playing musical instruments- from guitars to piano to drums, and all self taught musicians.

So, I may have a musical endowment somewhere in my genes after all. It only need to be awaken and “fine” tuned.

I was barred by my mom from playing a guitar before because she believe it would influence my studies negatively. That, plus the fact that I basically don’t have a dime to spend for learning music, made me abandon the liking for music and musical instruments altogether.

Enter this millenium of ipods, mp3 players, online streaming of music and videos. Now that I found time to rekindle music once again, I bought a guitar.  I thought, I had a thing for music or playing guitars or drum. I probably have the worst vocals in my entire family of musicians, but technology nowadays, could almost help you learn everything!

So during a trip to Cebu, I sat down and interviewed a guitar maker/factory owner on the basics of buying a guitar. I was a kid asking an expert, and my interest, is overflowing.  Once more, I’m starting to learn guitar and todays internet technology, just made it easier for me! I will share the beginners tips given to me on my next post!