Livecasting #PabloPH in social media

While I still rely on traditional media for validated news, I get news earlier about #PabloPH from tweets, status updates in facebook and google crisis map.

Tweets from DOST-PAGASA like this one keep me updated of the storm.


The Google Crisis Map also situates people about the whereabouts of the storm, potential storm surge, flood prone areas and evacuation areas.

Google Crisis Map

Pic-tweets and facebook photos like this also brought news ahead of anyone else.

Bridge in Cateel  is destroyed seen from this photo posted on FB

A blogger posted shootouts and pictures about his hometown in FB  depicting the devastation by #PabloPH. This rallied netizens and facebook users to share his status updates and get media attention to help.

Olan Emboscado’s FB status update asking help for his town Cateel

In some areas where telecommunication and electricity were down, updates via mobile phone are non-stop.

Social media is at the forefront of bringing in news. It relies heavily on citizen reporting and sharing. Even international news agencies like the New York Times Blog noticed.