I have a problem with halloween

No, not this programming glitch. I mean halloween, halloween. That day where everyone wear scary costume to scare everyone else but themselves.

I don’t even know how to spell halloween, thanks to autocorrect.  I did not grow celebrating halloween. I had my fair share of visiting a cemetery in the dead night of All Souls Day “out of bravery”. But thats for another stupid post I guess.

Back to my halloween problem.

I still couldn’t get the idea why we’re celebrating halloween. Celebrating the dead? Or celebrations of the living dead?

Catholics have Holy Ghost but I simply don’t see any celebrations solely for him/her/it. All souls days? I think it is all saints day right?

With costumes I’m seeing, it looks like every halloween party goer aims to scare everyone else with it. Either everyone is so freaking scared or everyone has had not enough waste to morph into ghoulish aesthetics. Crap, I don’t even understand that phrase. Uhm, I don’t know what you call someone wearing halloween costumes that doesn’t scare anyone.

I grew up hearing stories of Tinyente Gimo, the manananggals, the kapre, white lady and tiyanak. Oh yes, we have our fair share of zombie stories too, long before The Walking Dead glorified the living dead. I don’t recall though celebrating their ghoulish ascendancy during Todos los santos. Or did we?

Some say it’s for the fun. Yeah, scaring everyone sounds fun. Not to mention, scaring the shit out of your 5 years old until they wet their bed to adult hood.

Ok, art for ghoul’s sake. You must be honing your skills for some hollywood prosthetics job.

Oh well, perhaps I did grow on a different pinoy culture time scale. Even with the abundance of accessible, open, and easily copyable halloween “culture” on the internet, I have problems assimilating it.

But no. Its not my problem. Whoever said I’d go suck that halloween culture should just eat their mind.