How to make your advocacies rock, on social media

Years ago, I started writing online just for the love of writing.  There’s no definable goal, no strategy, nor any specifics to it. I just love to write. I was a kid who found one trendy eye candy thing to do. It’s called blogging and I was a blogger without a cause. My blogging mantra then was:


That’s right. I have no blogging mantra before. If you take a look at my social media profile today, this is my mantra:

I empower people.

So how did my wanderlust blogging evolved into this social media mantra of today? I’m not so sure but there’s two things on my side that made room for “experimentation”.

One is time, the other, I suck at writing. 

I was one of the few who started blogging when it wasn’t popular then. Ergo I had the luxury of squandering time just to write rhetorics and metaphors.  I had little regard for grammatical correctness so long that I could blog. Mind you, the whole content police is at your ass every time waiting to bust your ill constructed content. But, I didn’t care.

When facebook and twitter became king and queen online platforms, I still suck at writing. The thing though, king Facebook doesn’t really care how grammatically correct your status updates are.  Or, how sane your content is. It has its own algorithm, and facebook-ers really hate long posts like this.

Well, queen twitter even pushed further and set the character limit (of thoughts) to 140. That’s how many characters twitter thinks relevant content amount to. Insane? Yes, but it squeezes the freaking juices out of your creative mind. Grammars, notwithstanding .

When Google+ came in late and transformed itself into a rock solid social app to mean business, I began re examining finite resources and strategised my social media involvement. No one knows how or when will Google settle revamping its app, but I seriously thought about playing my cards right when it still owns the search engine mega empire to back its social media platform.

So again, how is mantra, writing, social media fell into place to supercharge your advocacy on social media?

I gave the following tips on #ChangePh social media day:


No content marketing? No writing or grammar polishing? No SEOs? Surprised?! Cliche?

The most important thing I’ve learned over the years of gallivanting on social media is the underpinning of most technical tips and advices experts would tell me. Humans are innately social. Those who are rockstars on social media, tend to have superb human  rather than technical”skills”. So now you can see, the tips I gave above are really positive human traits and are easily likeable on social media.

If there’s one sentence I’d like my audience to remember, it should be this :

Be authentically, human on social media.

Heck, I still suck at writing. But I have an advocacy to empower people and that compulsion to never stop at being “okay” . I try to be authentic, with helpfulness as a fuel to this passion. Lastly, the social media animal should never be just online. In fact, the social media rockstars are those who bring humans into a “gathering” offline. And that’s  what social media is all about.

Being human, being social.

The author talking about social media on social media day #ChangePh #SMDayGensan #HEalthXPh #smartlife

The author talking about social media on social media day #ChangePh #SMDayGensan #HEalthXPh #smartlife

(This post is related to my talk on “how to make your advocacy rock on social media” during #ChangePh social media day in Gensan (#SMdayGensan) and is my contribution to #smartlife social media tips)