How to fix apps and software updates on your iOS and Mac devices

Lately I noticed updating my iPhone 6 apps became a pain in the neck job. I can connect to the app store but updates or even installing new apps takes forever. You’ll see app’s “waiting” to update.


I tried several recommended methods to fix this:

  1. Freed up space on my iPhone device enough for the size of the update. Didn’t work.
  2. Paused, deleted apps and reconnected with my network connection. Then reinstalled or updated apps. Didn’t work for me.
  3. Soft rebooted my iPhone, connected to my net again and tried reinstalling and or updating. Didn’t work too!
  4. Finally, after much frustration, I reset my device to factory settings and reinstalled apps. Well, apart from Apple’s proprietary stock apps, nah, my purchased apps didn’t install.
  5. Lastly, I connected my phone to my mac and tried updating/installing apps via iTunes. It did install apps but it was the older versions. Again, apps didn’t update!

The thing is I can connect to Apple store or my iTunes account. I couldn’t update though! I also checked if there are on going Apple server issues at the moment via this site, but there is none. Some said it must be related to the stability of the internet connection. IOS devices won’t simply install or update if it “thinks’ connection isn’t stable or consistent. How Apple implement their algorithms to determine if connections are “reliable” or stable for their devices remains a mystery to outsiders.   This is why I hate loving Apple devices!

The geniuses on this site offered one method to fix this- by manually changing the DNS to a known, faster DNS like Google DNS or Open DNS!

It beautifully worked for me!

Here’s how:

  1. Go to Settings > Wifi menuWIFI Menu
  2. Find the network you’re connected and tap the “i” .DNS server
  3. Scroll down to the DNS tab below then tap on the numbers to replace it using keyboard that will appear.DNS server change
  4. Tap on the Wifi again to exit/save.

I used the free Google DNS servers or that are known to be fast, secure and stable.  Open DNS servers that are reliable, fast and secure should work too. I haven’t tried Open DNS though.

I tried this same method for my Macs that are unable to update software or apps (error 3150) . Changing the DNS servers of the network connection did the trick too! So go and try this if you’re having problems updating your software or apps on your iOS and mac devices! Comment below if it worked for you!



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