“Greenify” is my new mantra two years ago.

Yes, I will Greenify you! No, I’m not Green Lantern.

What will I do?

I’ll collect, share, inform, educate and advocate organic urban gardening and healthy living.

How I plan to achieve the above: 

My mission is to unite, create, connect, lead or  assist the propagation of organic urban farming movement both offline and online.


I previously mentioned why I’m shifting to a healthier lifestyle and green living. I wasn’t entirely sure about how I’m going to achieve this but I “dived in” first and did the thinking later.

Later, is today 🙂

When my professor in organic agriculture asked me if I have a SWOT Analysis and plan for my intended shift to organic farming from conventional methods, I answered, “NONE”.  That answer resonated deep as I slowly gathered my thoughts to reflect on that question.

I’m organically, massively screwed I thought.

While still a newbie at this, I’m finding out that organic farming is one serious endeavour to take. So is urban farming.  But shifting to healthy living?  You should be dead, crazy serious about it. I mean seriously serious. We all know what happen to fake promises of shifting to healthy living.

You fool only yourself.

So why didn’t I think thoroughly before I dived into these? I don’t know. Maybe I got overenthusiastic. Or plain stupid. Basta.

I started a plan-less shifting to healthy living almost two years ago.  I’m only beginning to feel the small rewards just recently. Or so I thought. I have no way of knowing for sure, because I didn’t have a plan, a measure of “success” after.  

I’ll have my business plan when I’m neck deep into urban farming. Well, when I fail, I won’t be needing it anyway.

What do you think? Any suggestions? Comment below 🙂