Green Mojo Project #2 DIY Vertical Pallet Planter

Another space saver planter an urban farmer should build!

The idea (was not mine).

I came across the idea while browsing through Pinterest’s home gardening pins. Since I have limited garden space at home, vertical gardens like pallets and towers appealed to me.

Why build one?

Vertical pallet planter is easy to build requiring minimal carpentry skills. There’s variety of materials you can use for your pallet boxes.  Recycling left over wooden slabs is a step towards environment friendly, sustainable green living. Thus, vertical pallet garden is a good home project for urban farmers like me.

Design Plan.

It seem overkill to draw up a plan for building a simple vertical pallet planter. As a habit though I always build a plan no matter how simple the project is. Keeps me focus on the project and saves unnecessary expense and time. Think ahead about what plants you’re  going to place in your garden or what plant goes with another plant. If you wanted a double sided planter (not just wall planter), both sides of your planter should be open. The height of the plant should also be considered before layering out the planter.


There’s a lumber yard nearby who sells left over wooden slabs for Php20.00 a pile. Find one in your area. Also compost your own potting soil (it is easy) so you won’t need to buy your soil for planting. You may use discarded clothes or plastic cellophane liners for pallet boxes  liner to hold your soil inside instead of the expensive landscaping fabric.  Get hold of some carpentry tools and you’re good to start.


  1. Build a two legged vertical pallet garden 4-5 layers high. Make sure your pallet’s legs are stable and doesn’t turn/lean to one side. It should stand on its own. Bury the legs  to make it stable.
  2. Place your plastic liners or some landscape fabric or a mesh net inside the pallets pockets to hold your (organic) potting soil.
  3. Assemble your pallet garden on its new site, taking care of burying a certain height of its legs to make it stable.
  4. Transplant seedlings to the vertical pallet taking note which of plant goes each layer of pallet garden.
  5. Slowly water your seedlings and observe if your vertical pallet garden collapses or lean to one side. Make necessary adjustments in the legs to make it stable.

Depending on your plant’s need, consider placing your vertical palette garden somewhere it is exposed to sunlight, usually facing east. Tilt the vertical pallet garden a little to achieve this. Or place your plants tilted and facing directly the light. Your done!


If you have some suggestion about this Green Mojo DIY vertical pallet garden, why not leave your comment below!

Happy gardening!