Day One: 3 Days/ 3 Positive Things Challenge

Thanks Doc Iris Isip-Tan for nominating me. I breezed through day 1 🙂

1. Family. Finally had time to sit down and plan about Russel. Yes, that bright (and pogi ) kid said He need some pampering. 🙂

2. Work. Almost done with a project proposal today (wink). Hopefully, this will put food on our tables (mine and the people I work with) 🙂

3. Social Media. Worked on 5 blogs, created 2 social media communities/pages, tweaked 2 emails, streamlined some social media accounts. It was fun, engaging people and empowering others.

Hopefully tomorrow, monday will be as cool as today 🙂

And since I mentioned life areas (for me at least) above, I’m nominating people from those areas! Let’s see what you can share Russel Aguilar, Josephine Raras, Avel Manansala!