Brian “The Hawaiian Punch” Viloria TKO’ed challenger Segura to defend WBO lightweight title

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The fight was aired live by GMA 7 from the Ynares Stadium in Pasig City almost without the irritating advertisements. Surprisingly, one of the commentators was Manny “The Champ” Pacquiao himself! Dubbed “Island Assault 3“, the fight also featured undercards with Pinoy boxers winning their respective bouts.

The pre fight match-up records showed Giovanni “Aztec Warrior” Segura has an impressing 29 wins, 24 via KO, two draws and only one loss. He is also on the rings magazine number 9 list of top pound for pound fighter. Brian “The Hawaiian Punch” Viloria on the other hand have a 30 wins with 17 by KO and three losses. Both are known power punchers but Segura didn’t have that much of a defensive style, while Viloria have good counterpunching ability and a powerful hook.

The first round was mostly even between the two fighters, with Segura aggressively throwing wild, “loop” but  powerful punches that sometime hit Viloria. But Viloria maintained a measured clinical and mostly accurate counterpunching with hook combinations. The second and succeeding rounds was another story, with Viloria giving combination hooks and straights and was dancing away from powerful but wild and slow punches of Segura.

The huge hematoma on Segura's right temple, looks dangerous. Personally the fight should have been stopped earlier with this injury. (Photos by Dong Secuya of

Viloria sustained a cut on his left upper eyelid. Segura however, has a huge tumorous hematoma on his Right temple, a damage made by the left hook by Viloria on subsequent rounds. From here on, Viloria is seen with much confidence, giving punches and counterpunches at will, with only catching breaths as the his rest from punching. It was already clear from second round that sooner, the Aztec Warrior will be floored by Viloria, but Segura has a heart of a warrior, recovering from being thrown into the ropes twice. Viloria had a dangerous cut also with blood oozing from his left upper eyebrow that probably made left eye vision a bit impaired.

At end the seventh round, the ref talked to Segura corner which send the people watching to cheering for a foreseen fight end. By the eight round a powerful left hook by Viloria sent Segura dazed before he could even finish his counterpunch. That signaled the ref to stop the fight and declare Viloria winner by TKO. The judges scored the fight prior to the TKO as follows: Judge Danrex Tapdasan – 69-64, judge Ulysses Glen – 70-63 and judge Harry Davis – 68-65. With this win, Viloria retained his WBO Lightweight title.

Also seen watching the match is Manny’s wife, Jinky, Gerry Penalosa and wife Goodie.