An “All Out War” eversince

Ideals are peaceful, history is violent- the movie Fury

Here’s the bad news.

No need to declare an “all out war” in Mindanao. It’s been here for as long as I can remember. Proof? Forty four fallen soldiers. Twenty something unaccounted human deaths. Hundreds of displaced non combatants. Entire island grieving in anger and fear. You want more proof? Come, live with us here.

Whatever your concept of an “all out war” in Mindanao is, I am sorry to inform you, we had it here ever since. We have been the unwilling collateral damage of your concept. The last five presidents declared an “all out war” on extremism in Mindanao. Did that prevented the death of these police officers? Of the many lives taken in the past?

I hate these outlaws as much as you do. I’ve lost relatives, friends and love ones to this so called “all out war” of yours. We bear witness to the countless bombings, ambush, beheadings, and gun battles we sometimes joke around we are the Wild,Wild, South. Our ordinary lives here, just to let you know, often times intersects with the “kill zone”.  Avoid? Good luck.

Take a closer look on those photos of Mindanao and subtract the carnage temporarily. You see what’s lacking? Food, jobs, education, housing, healthcare..I can name a few more. But not guns and ammunitions. There’s plenty of those. How would you think they’d respond to a government who offers them bullets instead of education, healthcare, jobs, housing or food?

In war they say, peace is only achieved by those who are dead.

I mourn for the dead. I too want justice. But in anger and grief, maybe I shall try an “all out peace”. I’ve seen enough of an “all out war” to achieve peace.  For those who live safely away in the comfort of their homes away from Mindanao, if you clamor for an “all out war” here in Mindanao, I’d be happy to exchange places with you when the siege begins.