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I have a problem with halloween

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No, not this programming glitch. I mean halloween, halloween. That day where everyone wear scary costume to scare everyone else but themselves. I don’t even know how to spell halloween, thanks to autocorrect.  I did not grow celebrating halloween. I had my fair share of visiting a cemetery in the dead night of All Souls Day “out of bravery”.…

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Practical social media strategy for tourism based industries

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A few days back I was asked by Bukidnon Provincial Tourism Office to talk on blogging and social media as an engagement tool for their provincial tourism office. Bukidnon provincial tourism office is composed of 20 strong municipal tourism offices each with their own set of staff. This office is also of staging the famous Kaamulan…

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Periscope is not your ordinary subsurface scope on social media

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But it will make your social media presence robust and engaging !

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