The Remo Self Hack Show. Or something worthwhile to do in the next days.

An unexamined life is not worth living- Plato

Recently, I’ve been hooked to The Tim Ferris Show amazing podcasts. These podcasts are mostly self improvement “experiments” by the popular, New York Times best selling author of The 4 Hour Work Week, Timothy Ferris.

Tim Ferris, for all those who do not know him, amassed quite a number of life hacks by deconstructing the habits of successful people and experimenting most of these hacks to himself! Which is sometimes odd.

The following Tim Ferris “self improvement hacks” piqued my interest.

  1. Journaling. I’ve been bullet journaling but never knew how effective my journaling was for me. Or am I doing it “wrong”?
  2. Meditation. Something I recognized as essential but never really made an effort to start meditating.
  3. How to read books in less* time. It was probably not about adding time but, taking time from “distractions” and converting it to reading time.
  4. Podcast. How to deliver a (blockbuster) podcast.
  5. Preparing and eating healthy food.
  6. Low information diet. I’m cutting down my social media time (and TV) so I’ll have additional time reading books

I definitely have something to do in the coming days. Or at least try to.