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Use the form below to contact me regarding article submissions, advertising information or if there’s anything else you want to know about this blog, Please allow 24-48 hours for me to respond.

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  • @Anna, sent you the message already

  • Hi.

    Im working on an AVP and would like to use some of your photos.
    How do i contact you? Pls message me.

  • Hello Remo!

    My name is Nicole So and I’m a freelance writer, Blogger, regular runner, and former Backpacker. I’m not widely published yet but I’m very interested in guest posting in your blog, Hacked life.

    I discovered you through Google, I searched about Technology News Philippines and your blog was one of the results.
    Checking out your blog this morning, I was really encouraged and wanted to get involved. I admire your desire to let the people know your opinion and sharing what you’ve learned recently.

    God bless your works! Good job!

    I am writing to you to ask if I can be a part of your blog as a guest blogger.

    Here are a few ideas I think your readership might enjoy:

    1. Gmail upgrades to 10GB Space way far from others.
    Google upgraded the storage space of their mailbox gmail using google drive for free. From 7.5gb to 10gb, this will help their users if they have more mails and with the use of google docs life is more easy.
    This article will tell about the advantages of gmail from yahoomail and hotmail.

    2. Malware attacks Mac!
    We all know that the apple mac is a virus free computer but now it is found that there is 1 infected mac for every 5 Mac laptops.
    This article will focus on how malware attacks mac system.

    Thank you very much for this opportunity.

    You might want another topic please let me know so that I can write it. 🙂

    Let me know what you think. Hope all is well!

    Nicole 🙂

    Nicole So
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