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I know what you did on my birthday (A birthday challenge)

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Since I can’t live a thousand years and my talents are severely limited, I will ask for your help. A gift, if you may call it.

Instead of posting a greeting on my social media wall (facebook, twitter, Google plus, Pinterest and what have you), IN ONE SENTENCE, POST ONE GOOD THING YOU DID (or planning to do) TODAY, June 11, my birthday. I don’t care if the good or kindness is big or small, or to whoever you did or plan to do it. Heck, it could even be your enemies, so long as you felt you did something good today.

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Why I prefer Twitter as a personal learning network

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I have an account in every available social media platform today. Even Meerkat and Periscope, which I haven’t had any idea what to do in it.   I’ve been blogging for almost 8 years already. I enjoy posting a lot of stuff on Facebook and Google +, sometimes on Pinterest too. None exceeded my amazement with twitter. Why?…

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Solid state drive (SSD) upgrade for your unibody Macbook Pro

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Next to a memory upgrade, an SSD drive is probably the next bang-for-the-buck upgrade you have to make on your hackintosh. I’ve upgraded my hackintoshes recently and frankly, I’ve never been as happy. The 50% less boot up time and loading of apps is remarkable. I encountered a few hiccups during the upgrade but I manage to run the hackintosh after…

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