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How to fix apps and software updates on your iOS and Mac devices
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You can now navigate Google Maps offline.
I wrote about this on my hiking blog, here. It’s definitely a useful navigating feature for areas without cellular data connection! If you still can’t get it to work, here’s an animated video of how to navigate offline using Google maps on android device. HT to Gusrix for the video.
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Facetime/iMessage sends an international sms
For first time iMessage and Facetime users, your device must send an international message to Apple as part of the registration process. That's going to appear on your postpaid bill or be deducted from your prepaid credit.
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Put your business on the map with Places for Business
Simply put, my previous post says: [su_quote]With over one billion monthly active users, Google Maps is undeniably the most popular way to explore places and get directions. A sizeable number of your potential customers are probably using Google Maps to find your business. You should take advantage of that ![/su_quote] Did my previous post about […]
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This bastard ain’t that loud after all…
My curiosity got piqued when I chanced upon this Filipino ingenuity in one airport. [youtube url=””] The idea that a bamboo “trunk” could amplify sound is not a novel idea. We’ve been using bamboo trunks to make loud, thundering sounds during new year celebrations since time immemorial. But to use it as a loudspeaker for […]