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How to fix apps and software updates on your iOS and Mac devices

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Lately I noticed updating my iPhone 6 apps became a pain in the neck job. I can connect to the app store but updates or even installing new apps takes forever. You’ll see app’s “waiting” to update. I tried several recommended methods to fix this: Freed up space on my iPhone device enough for the size of…

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Put your business on the map with Places for Business

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Simply put, my previous post says: [su_quote]With over one billion monthly active users, Google Maps is undeniably the most popular way to explore places and get directions. A sizeable number of your potential customers are probably using Google Maps to find your business. You should take advantage of that ![/su_quote] Did my previous post about…

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This bastard ain’t that loud after all…

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My curiosity got piqued when I chanced upon this Filipino ingenuity in one airport. [youtube url=””] The idea that a bamboo “trunk” could amplify sound is not a novel idea. We’ve been using bamboo trunks to make loud, thundering sounds during new year celebrations since time immemorial. But to use it as a loudspeaker for…

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