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Owning up a less than perfect but tremendously awesome productive week!
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Dressing Up the Man: Handy style charts to Manhood!
Ditch the "this- is-my-style-I-don't-give-a-damn-about-others" crap and give that look some respect. If you out there to look manly, dress like one! Hip is lifestyle, dressing up is as manly as getting a haircut. Read these chats before jumping on those shoes and pants!
Lifestyle & Organic Farming & Urban Farming
“Greenify” is my new mantra two years ago.
Yes, I will Greenify you! No, I’m not Green Lantern. What will I do? I’ll collect, share, inform, educate and advocate organic urban gardening and healthy living. How I plan to achieve the above:  My mission is to unite, create, connect, lead or  assist the propagation of organic urban farming movement both offline and online. Why? I previously […]
Why I’m shifting to healthy eating and green living.
The "why"s are pretty clear. In my case, these horrifying realities and surprising fun pushed me to go 'green" , stay fit , eat healthy food and grow my own food in the backyard.
How do you generate (creative) ideas?
A friend asked me this question. I never considered myself a person who generates so many (creative ) ideas so this came up as a surprise to me.  I answered it anyway, thinking it might be my time to let others “steal” my idea of generating new ideas. Early on in my life, I’ve accepted […]