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The Ten Mint Way to Healthy Living
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The Official Remo Aguilar’s Father’s Day Gift List
The best daddy gifts are those borne out of carefully understanding your dad's psyche. Someone asked me on twitter what's my wish list on father's day. Here are some of those:
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Green Mojo Project #2 DIY Vertical Pallet Planter
Another space saver planter an urban farmer should build! The idea (was not mine). I came across the idea while browsing through Pinterest’s home gardening pins. Since I have limited garden space at home, vertical gardens like pallets and towers appealed to me. Why build one? Vertical pallet planter is easy to build requiring minimal carpentry skills. […]
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“Greenify” is my new mantra two years ago.
Yes, I will Greenify you! No, I’m not Green Lantern. What will I do? I’ll collect, share, inform, educate and advocate organic urban gardening and healthy living. How I plan to achieve the above:  My mission is to unite, create, connect, lead or  assist the propagation of organic urban farming movement both offline and online. Why? I previously […]
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Organic agriculture and hydroponics in urban farming
As an urban farmer I'm adapting farming techniques suitable for my locality, environment, climate, cost and skills.