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Dressing Up the Man: Handy style charts to Manhood!
“Angry Bird” on Sunday, Bloody Sunday
I guess this bird wasn’t happy at all with me. “Dude, it’s sunday and you are spoiling my afternoon siesta on a tree!” Yes, I forgot. It’s sunday and here we are, again. Chasing lights, nature and what have this hill has. Including, a cave entrance last seen 12 years ago. Sunday, bloody sunday!
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Winning by Inspiring: Lessons in Photography
Just last September and for the first time ever in my photography (non) career,  I joined a photo contest. Well, actually, I was prodded by no less than Joy Villareal. Yes, Joy Villareal. She is the talented photography protege who got hooked to photography largely because I forced her to. The Prodding “Join tayo”! She […]
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The Planner I got in the middle of the year…
Bordering insanity yes, but I get the stuff when I want it, really bad. I remembered how I ended up wishing for this “planner” a year go after sir Gilbert posted the link to‘s  planner wish list. A wish that supposedly materialized long ago had I pushed through ordering myself. Then the wish got […]