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“Judge”, my first ever Vlog!
Gadgets & Internet & Technology
How to fix apps and software updates on your iOS and Mac devices
Lately I noticed updating my iPhone 6 apps became a pain in the neck job. I can connect to the app store but updates or even installing new apps takes forever. You’ll see app’s “waiting” to update. I tried several recommended methods to fix this: Freed up space on my iPhone device enough for the size of […]
Internet & Mobile & Technology
Smart makes big splash with GigaSurf50, country’s first 1GB data offer at P50
Enjoy 1GB of surfing and apps plus 300MB for streaming on YouTube, iflix and more, valid for 3 days. To enjoy this latest offer, simply text GIGA50 to 9999.
Art & Design & Lifestyle & Styling
Dressing Up the Man: Handy style charts to Manhood!
Ditch the "this- is-my-style-I-don't-give-a-damn-about-others" crap and give that look some respect. If you out there to look manly, dress like one! Hip is lifestyle, dressing up is as manly as getting a haircut. Read these chats before jumping on those shoes and pants!
Food & Food & Agriculture & Gardening & Organic Farming & Urban Farming
The Ten Mint Way to Healthy Living
I just started growing mint in my backyard.  I was searching for mint’s culinary benefits when I stumbled on this infographic at Organic Facts. I must say though that Mint, the herb, has no proven therapeutic properties. If you have any medical condition or chronic diseases, consult first your doctor before using mint. In any case, if […]