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Moving out of and into a self-hosted wordpress blog!
Why I’m Living Comfortably with Frugality
[dropcap1]I[/dropcap1]s it really possible to live comfortably with frugality as a mantra? I suspect the answer varies depending on how you define the two terms-“comfortable” and “frugality”, in the preceding question. [quote_box author=”The Free Dictionary” profession=”(online)”]comfort·a·bly adv. Synonyms: comfortable, cozy, snug1, restful. These adjectives mean affording ease of mind or body.[/quote_box] Comfortable may mean differently to various person. One’s […]
Why I still don’t use a credit card
[dropcap1]C[/dropcap1] redit cards were basically created for one purpose- give its owner a temporary “purchasing” power. [quote_box author=”” profession=””]Credit card companies, by virtue of their credibility and financial status, loans you this temporary purchasing power tru this plastic. In the process you are charged a certain amount for “availing” this temporary purchasing power.[/quote_box] The larger the credits […]
How to reduce personal healthcare cost
As a doctor I find it really frustrating when some patients keep complaining about staggering health cost when they do not at all, mind their own excessive “unhealthy” living. The fact that health care cost nowadays is expensive, is old story to most us. But we keep on throwing the gripes at our similarly unsympathetic […]
Social Media & Technology
Thinking about moving to wordpress if;
I get my own domain name and host soon. These seem to be my committed step for transfer I think I learn to deal with php scripts and coding to tweak templates. I know blogger, not wordpress I get a free, good looking theme for my blog, like a free version of Thesis Theme perhaps?(wishing) […]