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Hi. I'm Remo! I have four rules. Live simply, stay healthy, adventure often, hike farther. Follow my life adventures here at Matters of Life & Tech.

My take on the business of medicine

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The complex business of medicinePatterned after the US health care system, professional practice here in the Philippines is sadly, market driven. The government, who couldn’t care less, only responded with its meager health care budget and vague health priorities for its citizens. And though some key players essentially affect the doctor-patient interactions and the resulting…

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Five things the government won’t tell you when you start your practice!

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Well, not exactly as you will discover in the years of your practice. But to be aware of these “stakeholders”, keeps the playing field even. 1. Philhealth, is the mother of all HMOsPhilhealth is the de facto government key provider for health care expenses of its constituents. The recent drive to make this universal among…

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