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Voluntary poverty, have no fear.
“Damn! It’s freezing out here! ” Less than an inch thick of corrugated cartoon insulated my body from the pavement. There’s about a foot of ceiling overhang sheltering us from the foggy sky. I was oblivious to passers by and vehicles traversing the street.  D2 to K2 mountain traverse (Philippines 2nd and 4th highest peaks) is a tiring feat […]
Lifestyle & Self Improvement
Owning up a less than perfect but tremendously awesome productive week!
“Today I escaped from the crush of circumstances, or better put, I threw them out, for the crush wasn’t from outside me but in my own assumptions” –Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 9.13 (  from The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday) Last week was perhaps my busiest and ironically, my most productive week so far. Right of […]
Personal & Self Improvement
I’m Keeping A Journal
That’s what most intelligent people do. Mark Twain, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein and even our own Jose Rizal. Most of the people I admire also keep some sort of a journal to write. While my being “intelligent’ is clearly debatable, you need not be intelligent to start journaling. Trust me . What’s the benefit? This recent scientific study tells […]
Self Improvement
The Remo Self Hack Show. Or something worthwhile to do in the next days.
An unexamined life is not worth living- Plato Recently, I’ve been hooked to The Tim Ferris Show amazing podcasts. These podcasts are mostly self improvement “experiments” by the popular, New York Times best selling author of The 4 Hour Work Week, Timothy Ferris. Tim Ferris, for all those who do not know him, amassed quite a […]