Hi, I’m Remo Aguilar

Board certified orthopedic surgeon,  blogger, photographer, entrepreneur, #HealthXPh Co- Founder and founder of Mindful Living- Live Simply, Stay Healthy, Adventure Often (www.remoaguilar.com) blog.

I live on bare essentials* while enjoying the life of adventure I value most. That means ruthlessly cutting on mindless excesses, consistently investing  on the lifestyle I value and stayed on my goals with relentless grit.

This is my approach to living a rich, fulfilled life.

Mindful LivingI believe that to live rich, one must consciously, invest time, effort and money on experiences that creates value to your life and ruthlessly cut on those that don’t.
Staying healthy is the surefire way of avoiding the costly lifestyle diseases. Diseases eats up on your savings. Savings that should have been invested into mindful living.
 Adventure opens up opportunities, pushes us to draw on our talents, gives us confidence to venture into less travelled paths and make learning, something to look forward to. Adventure  adds “richness”, that sense of fulfilment to ones life.

What’s this blog all about?

The writing project started a decade ago

Of course I could have just continued reading books, hiking some trails, climbing mountains or photographing landscapes.  I dreamed about writing ever since I was a boy.  Writing scares me a lot. Still am  I’m owning that dream now. What better story to write than your own, right? Besides, a few publications already featured bits of my story. That’s cool! Even more cool if I could write it myself and earn on the side?! Most of the habits, tips and strategies I used in the past are gaining renewed interests recently- process capabilities building, grit and resilience, psychology of persuasion, networking with peers, disruption and many more. Why not share these? It’s philanthropy of educating too. There’s at least one average IQ’ed but hardworking student out there who dreams of carving a career path of his or her own like I did. This blog might help or inspire them.

I know what bothers you. Are you even legit?” you might ask.  

Poor average guy to a board certified orthopedic surgeon

I’m from Southern Mindanao, third in a brood of four, survived by my widowed mom. I am in school mainly because of loans and scholarships. I have an average IQ but UP gambled on me and I got in. On my first med school year, I took part time jobs to sustain a protracted, expensive and not so easy student life. By the end of first semester, my grades went crumbling and I didn’t qualify for any scholarship and UP’s financial assistance program. Oops!.  I promised myself none of this mistakes should ever happen again.  

So why should you believe me?

You don’t. You only have to believe in yourself.

I stayed longer in med school, entered into several student loans, got more part time jobs (student pharma rep, tutor, etc) while simultaneously rehabilitating my grades into the proximity of above passing to apply for scholarships. Surprisingly, this even crazier “solution” I entered into,  (hard) worked.  I draw on talents I never knew existed within me, optimised my time rehabilitating my grades while cutting off mindless excesses that don’t add value to my goals. I qualified for financial assistance and  got two more scholarships on good enough grades.  In short, I went through hell hole and back with a bonus medical education and a top notch orthopedic residency training. Not even me, my family  and some other “experts” believe I’d achieved something like that. But I did and here I am.

If I can do it, so can you.

But you’re earning more than the average human being in this planet!How can we consider your tips to be practical?

Maybe I am, maybe not. But I can tell you this- I’ve tweaked my lifestyle to bare essentials my daily cost of living might be cheaper than what you spend on coffee shops in one afternoon. Try living and practicing in a rural town, live in your family’s ancestral house, cook your own food, wash you own car or commute if your trip isn’t an emergency.   But that’s not the whole point. It’s not all about having money. It’s channelling finances to adventures you value most. Jon, my friend, recently a college grad, works online, earns somewhere around the base salary of a government employee. He loves going out adventure every so often. For a twenty something, fresh college grad doing freelance work, his investment portfolio and finance habits is an envy to many, including me. He doesn’t wear fancy clothes, commutes to work, eats at a carenderia, rarely seen the interior of a coffee shop but loves investing and outdoor so much, you can say he is spending “rich” on those aspects of his life. Yes, cry in envy. Is he splurging? Yes, on something of value to him. Is he earning more than the average human in this planet? No.  

It’s not about how much money you have, but how you make your money work for you, or your goals.

No BS. This is pure mindful, hard ‘effing’ work.

I’m wary of so called “experts” thus I claim no “expertise” on many topics. Neither am I good at advise giving nor an avid receiver. I can only speak of my experience- the whooping mistakes I made (some of which I’m still learning from today) and the strategies I employed within the context of my existence. I don’t pretend to know the context of your lifestyle, your goals or your needs. That’s why I’m not judgemental about how others live their lives. Your context is very important to the incremental wins you’ll make.This is not a one strategy fits all prescription.  If you came to this blog expecting my  prescribed “shortcuts” to direct your own lives, you’d be disappointed.

“Live simply, stay healthy, adventure often, hike farther”.

Key messages of this blog

What most are doing:

  • Loves the idea of living simply but most simply live, mindlessly.
  • Wanted to be healthy, but most will start tomorrow. Or next week. Or next new year’s resolution.
  • Many believe adventure are only vacations, tours or “going into the wild”. Yet, almost nobody incorporate the same sense of adventure into their work , career, and even relationships.

What you can do;

  • Mindful Living -Start ruthlessly cutting on mindless excess and start investing on what you value most, now!
  • Stay Healthy- Invest on your health, now. Trust me it’ll save you a lot!
  • Adventure Often- Splurge on something that creates value to your life. Save, invest and automate your finances so your money should be working for your goals!

DISCLAIMER: I’ve not tested many stuff in this blog on anyone other than myself, my siblings, some friends and my future kids.  Many of the information contained in my posts are not new. Let’s not re invent the wheel. Get enough information applicable to your context and start now. But be responsible for your own actions. You alone should be responsible for your own actions, mistakes and of course, your success!

If you’ve read any of my stories, got inspired by it, or even better, applied a few tactics yourself,  drop me a message and I will be very glad to hear your story. In the meantime why not join my mailing list below to get recent post right into your email! I don’t spam and you can opt out anytime! No strings attached!

I hope you will learn from this blog. Enjoy!