This blog details my approach to living a rich, fulfilled life – mindful living, staying healthy and doing everything as an adventure, often.

I have the young, upstart professionals in mind as my readers but anyone in their mid career could well benefit from this blog.

I plan making this blog into a book so, the structure will be “book-ish”.  Articles will appear under categories (chapters) and subcategories  and are tagged (sections) accordingly.

The first chapter is about Mindful Living: Finding and sustaining what’s valuable to you while ruthlessly cutting on the mindless excesses. Within this category are :

  • Personal strategies to nurture valuable relationships
  • Practical tips on optimizing educational opportunities for a career you want,
  • Harnessing talent and skills (plus psychology ) to move your career forward
  • Freelancing to increase earning.

The second chapter is about Personal Finance and Basic Investing.  Under this category are the following:

  • About debts- making necessary ones and getting out of “bad” debt. Under this category are credit cards, personal, car and mortgage loans and how to minimize penalties when forced to use these instruments as a form of leverage.
  • Creating and tracking a budget system suited to your goals, which is for me the budget that is easiest to start and consistently follow.
  • Opening a savings/checking account to automatically fund what’s of value to you. I’m excited about how automating this process could save you valuable time and money yet enjoy the lifestyle you wanted in the introductory chapter.
  • Picking the very basic investment portfolio to “get me going”. Yes, that’s right, I said “get me going”  because  I am a newbie in this area. So don’t expect complex investment analysis from me. Let’s both learn from experiences of others (research ) to guide us.

Third chapter is about “Staying Healthy- eat less of most and get more of movements“.   A poor man’s approach to (forced) dieting and exercise.

Fourth chapter is all about upscaling or 10x all of the above strategies,  basically what “adventure” is for me. Venturing into new environments, new challenges and opportunities for learning and moving your career forward.

Of course this outline is far from finished. It’ll probably be revised and some new sections added as I write posts. I am a work in progress, so is this blog.

This blog’s key messages will remain and will be the core philosophy that will bind all the concepts inside.

“Live simply, stay healthy, adventure often, hike farther”.

Key messages of this blog

What most are doing:

  • Loves the idea of living simply but most simply live, mindlessly.
  • Wanted to be healthy, but most will start tomorrow. Or next week. Or next new year’s resolution.
  • Many believe adventure are only vacations, tours or “going into the wild”. Yet, almost nobody incorporate the same sense of adventure into their work , career, and even relationships.

What you can do;

  • Mindful Living -Start ruthlessly cutting on mindless excess and start investing on what you value most, now!
  • Stay Healthy- Invest on your health, now. Trust me it’ll save you a lot!
  • Adventure Often- Splurge on something that creates value to your life. Save, invest and automate your finances so your money should be working for your goals!

DISCLAIMER: I’ve not tested many stuff in this blog on anyone other than myself, my siblings, some friends and my future kids.  Many of the information contained in my posts are not new. Let’s not re invent the wheel. Get enough information applicable to your context and start now. But be responsible for your own actions. You alone should be responsible for your own actions, mistakes and of course, your success!

If you’ve read any of my stories, got inspired by it, or even better, applied a few tactics yourself,  drop me a message and I will be very glad to hear your story. In the meantime why not join my mailing list below to get recent post right into your email! I don’t spam and you can opt out anytime! No strings attached!

I hope you will learn from this blog. Enjoy!