About this blog

What do this blog write about?

Essentially everything non-medical- tech, gadgets, social media, life hacks, stuff I commonly rant about.

Who are you?

I’m Remo. I’m an orthopedic surgeon. I co founded #HealthXPh. I love coffee. I trek and travel when I’m not at work.  I love street and landscape photography. I love urban farming too!

Wait, there’s old stuff in this blog? How long has it been since you started blogging?

2006. I started in friendster, later on transferred to wordpress.com, then to blogger.com then to this self hosted wordpress blog. Some post from those old blogs were ported to this blog.

Do I make money from this?

Except for the sponsored ads I’m planning to put, no, I’m not yet earning from this blog. I received “freebies” sometimes, from sponsors who value content in this blog.

How may I help you?

Feel free to ask. or you can contact me for advertising 🙂

Anything else?

If there’s anything else you wanna know about me and my blog, contact me thru this page and I’ll catch up with you as soon as I can.
I’m on facebook, Twitter twitter and instagram. You can get Emailemail updates from this blog by subscribing here.

Have fun!

Comments (3)

  • Hahaha! Thank you Idol Orms. More than deserving ang ganda ever so much.”nuff said!

  • okay aaminin ko na. kaya ko binisita ang talakudong blog site mo noon kasi crush kita. o ayan. happy ka na nyan ha. nung una tayong mag-meet sa the farm yung kilig ko super-tinago-tago ko pa ha. ayan am sure mas happy ka na. eh ano kung hindi ka matangkad. eh ano kung kalbo ka? at least naging crush ka ng gandaness ever so much. hehehehe! lab kita, dok! you can count on me anytime basta kaya ko lang… salamat sa mga magagandang sinabi mo sa blog entry mo. potek pinaiyak mo ako dun ah!

  • Hello,
    I would like to use your picture for my school project. I am required to do a website, and for that purpose I am using your picture. I would not be producing any money or reproducing it. I would like to obtain your consent o use the picture of a jump smash. Thanks very much.Please reply

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